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“How many am I going to get, Sir?”

“We may just have to decide while I’m disciplining you. A number of factors could decide for us. How red your ass is. How good you are while receiving your punishment. How wet my hand makes your cunt as I’m slapping your ass. How easily your cunt accepts my fingers afterwards. 

If your ass isn’t red enough, then I may have to administer further discipline. I know your ass is going to start with a tanned complexion already. It may hide how red you are. It might not be a good thing for you. 

When I spank you, I don’t want any brattyness or fidgeting. You need to remain still and not try to use your hands to cover yourself. Good girls take what’s coming to them, and accept when they’re bad that they need to be corrected. 

As I slap I can always know when I’m done by how wet you are. When your pussy drips with anticipation of a good fucking after your spanking, then you’ve had enough. Not before you are dripping wet for me though. Your cunt needs to be begging for me. You need to be so readily willing to fuck, that your cunt spreads open with the most minimal of pressure. 

You know that after I administer my discipline, that I will need to also taste your pussy. To ensure that none of your juices go to waste. It is the reward, after your spanking, that is given to good girls. You know I’ll want to make you cum right after. Conditioning you to enjoy the spankings, with an exquisite orgasm immediately following. And when I have made you cum with my fingers and my mouth, I want to fuck you. My cock will fill you. You will feel my balls slapping on your clit. Hands grabbing you, mouth biting, sucking and marking you. 

You will know that I own you. You will know. The world will know, that you are mine. That you are my good girl.”


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I had to lay back on the bed and just watch a moment. It was such a turn on watching you spank another woman’s ass. 

“This was a good idea you had, hun.” I said. My breath heavy, almost panting. You smiled at me in agreement.

“Spank her again. She’s a very naughty girl.” I grinned. 

I reached over and grabbed her hair. I pulled her head to my cock. “Suck it.” I ordered. I watched your head tilt as your eyes peeked over her shoulder to watch.

“He said, suck it. NOW.” You commanded. You were never in charge like this. Today, you were an extension of me. And we were gonna fuck this dirty little bitch silly. I was so turned on, and I could tell from the look in your eyes, so were you.

We had talked about it for a while. Would it feel alright. Would there be any jealousy, any animosity? You told me that you wanted to watch me fuck her. You convinced me. I gave in. But the rules were.. you got to dominate her, just as if it was me. Your commands, your orders. Your aggression.

So here we were, your playtoy sucking my cock as you spanked her ass. Me pulling her hair, forcing her head to bob up and down on me. You watching her suck me off. “I want to watch you fuck her. The dirty little whore.” As you say the words you start to slap her face, just enough to get her attention. Not enough to leave marks.

I pull her head up off my cock. “You heard her. Sit on my fucking cock.”

Now I hate being on the bottom. I like to be able to use my hands. I like to grab, to grip, to spank, to yank hair, to choke. From the bottom, I couldn’t use my hands as much as I want. So I grab the slut’s tits. Pinching, and groping. Squeezing her nipples in my fingers. You have the power. You are in control. It’s up to you to spank her ass as I fuck her. It’s up to you to choke and slap her. It’s up to you to pull her hair. Are you up to the task? 

Oh, but I know, it’s not all about me. “Come sit on my face baby. Lemme lick your clit while you choke her a bit.”

You take my suggestion well, and you come hover your pussy right in my face. Knowing it’s already killing me that I can’t do everything I like with my hands, you add to the torture by pushing my arms down and kneeling on them. But choking isn’t your style, and you lean in and start to kiss, lick and suck on her neck. And then you bite. Just like I taught you. Mark what’s yours.

Your hips buck as you ride my face. Grinding as you go. My tongue twisting and pressing your clit, as the little toy we found rides my cock. From the shaking in your legs, and the moans you’re making while you rest your face in her chest, I know you’re gonna cum. Our little slut is starting to get vocal as well. 

I arch my back and head to reach my tongue into you, teasing your clit, alternating with long, slow licks down your pussy lips. “Cum for me baby.” The vibration of my voice against your lips sends you quivering. Your hips thrust as you force yourself on my mouth and nose.

As I feel you cum, I thrust my hips into her. My balls start to tighten and I feel her cunt contract, squeezing me. My pace quickens, and my breath is short. As I shoot my cum in her you take your spot behind her. Whispering in her ear as you spank her ass again, “Cum for me. Cum on his cock.” And she does. Her own twitches as you command her. Still riding my spasming cock. 

And as she collapses off of me you attack her pussy with your mouth. Lapping and licking my cum from her. You scoop your finger in her cunt to coax my cum back out. 

Staring in her eyes you growl, “He may have fucked you, but his cum is mine.”


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“You’re allowed to say three words. That’s all. And if you break the rules, I will spank you. And I don’t mean your ass. You are allowed to say yes. Do you understand me, Princess?”

“Yes, sir.” She answered. Already breaking my rules.


“I didn’t say you were allowed to say “Sir”, just yes. Do you understand?“

"Yes… yes.” She looked at me in bewilderment. Clearly confused that she wasn’t allowed to address me with the respect that I normally demanded.

I rested my hand back on her pussy and pushed the tip back inside her hole. I slid my finger out of her and up to her clit. Using my index and middle fingers I slowly circled her clit. She exhaled deeply and let out a slight moan. Her eyes started to close as I played with her.

“Are you enjoying that?” I inquired.

“Yes.. uummmhmmm.” She moaned.


Her eyes opened sharply and her body shot upwards. Her legs shook a little. I lifted my hand from her.

“Just yes. That’s all. Are you sorry?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded. Her eyes apologetic.

“Should I continue?”

“Yes.” She nodded again.

Her pussy lips were notably red and puffy. My slaps were obviously showing their effect. I gently rubbed up and down outside her pussy lips, before slowly inserting my middle finger just slightly. Withdrawing it, before slowly, pushing it back in slightly again.

“Are you ready for the next word you’re allowed to say?”

“Yes.” Her eyes raised in anticipation.

“You are allowed to say deeper. Do you understand me, Princess?”

She smiled and bit her lower lip. I wiggled my finger, teasing her with it’s shallowness inside her. I smiled at her coyly. “Would you like something, Princess?”

Armed with her new word, and a twinkle in her eye she leaned to my ear to whisper, “Deeper.”

I pushed my finger deeper inside her, almost halfway in. “Are you enjoying that?” I asked.

“Yes”, came the reply.

“Would you like something more?” I toyed.

“Deeper.” She whispered again.

I teased her more. Gradually pushing all the way inside. Curling my finger to pull upwards on her g-spot. My fingering was unhurried. Indulging myself. Enjoying her body tensing and relaxing under my manipulations.

“Would you like your last word?”

Her lips were back between her teeth. Her eyes flickering open and shut. Her right arm wrapped around my back holding herself still and while her left propped her up. Looking up at me she nodded.

“Use your words. Tell me. Do you want your last word?”

“Yes.. yes.” She sighed.

“Your last word is,” I paused briefly. “Faster.”

A smile came over her face. The meticulousness of my teasing was about to come to an abrupt end. “Faster!” She exclaimed. She wanted the teasing to end. “Faster!” She repeated.

I slid a second finger inside her. Pressing on her g-spot even harder. My hand moving a little quicker in and out of her. I could feel her body start to tremble.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“YES.” Her emphatic response, coupled with, “Faster.”

My hand increased the intensity. Faster, short quick jabs of my fingers inside her. My thumb bent to tease her clit as my fingers pace increased. 

“Are you having fun, Princess?” I whispered. I knew she was cumming. I knew by the quiver that was enveloping her entire body. Her open mouth, her clenched shut eyes, all telltale signs she was in the midst of orgasm.

“OH FUCK,” was her defiant response.


Two quick sharp slaps to her clit sparked like a jolt of electricity to her body. A grunt and a moan came from her mouth.  My hand immediately returning to her drenched pussy. “Do you have a request?” I whispered again.

“Faster.” Came her breathy reply.

My hands pace more furious than before. A second wave of passion. The clench of her vagina was unmistakable. She was cumming again, already. 

As the strain in her body started to release, I relaxed my hand. Back to the gentle slow pace I had started. Removing my fingers from inside her and back to leisurely circle her clit again.

As her eyes opened and her mouth had closed, she looked into my eyes. I licked my lips, and raised my fingers to my mouth to taste her. Fresh juices from her orgasms and they tasted so sweet. “Did you want to taste, Princess?” I asked.

Still within the rules of the game, “Yes” was her only reply.

I smiled and offered her my middle finger to suckle. She worked it like it was my cock, swirling her tongue and sucking every inch.

“Did you enjoy this game?” I asked with a mischievous grin.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“If I gave you one more word, of your choosing, what would that word be?” I asked.

Without hesitation, she bit her lip, smiled and said with a wink “Again.”